School Health

Duties of school health

  • Inter-sectoral and intra-sectoral coordination
  • Coordination and implementation of school health programs in the city
  • Follow-up of disease and health problems in children
  • Record and analyze the data to students
  • Student support services including payments made ​​spectacles to poor students
  • Encourage students to participate in healthy activities such as wall newspaper, paper and essay writing about health
  • Preparation of training materials and delivery of education and city schools
  • Cooperation and coordination in the implementation of joint projects in the ministries of health and education about issues school health
  • Monitoring of health activities in schools and health centers health centers affiliated city
  • Application equipment and facilities related to school health centers and rural health care
  • Attending city council areas of health and education
  • Thia and identify put operational collector Year Schools health
  • Collect and summarize the activities monthly statistics, school health centers and rural health clinics and reflect to health centers in the Province

School Health
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