Improved Nutrition

Duties of Improved Nutrition

1- Supervising the implementation of school nutrition and iron supplementation, collaborative design support to improve

2- Feeding children under 6 years, giving the project a warm meal in the village nurseries, urinary iodine monitoring students (10-8 years

3- Workshops and classes on various topics of health care personnel

4- Provide nutritional education on special occasions (World Food Day / International Day of the Child / Day of the heart and

5- Inter-sectoral and intra-sectoral meetings

6- Intersectoral committees with other organizations and agencies in the implementation of joint projects

7- Nutrition workshops for agencies and departments during different life

8- Nutritional Information in different fields of Media and Broadcasting

9- Training classes for students and parents in the school health centers

10- Provide nutritional counseling and dietary

Improved Nutrition
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دانشگاه علوم پزشکی بوشهر، بوشهر ، ایران
Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, Bushehr, Iran